Upcoming RTS

Upcoming RTS

Command to Hell

The game begins in the future and moves to a post apocalyptic world, in there more dangerous races will be found. I cannot reveal more information yet. Gameplay videos will be as soon as possible available.

The screenshots show very roughfly looking buildings and environment. Animating buildings, beautifying the environment and showing different environments (e.g. cold env., continetal) will be done later.

A small video for camera shake and destruction.

Technical Information

Upcoming RTS game based on physical game engine. For an RTS game high quallity units are used, well optimized vehicles between 5000-20000 vertices. The screenshots are from the developing scene, where the different kind of vehicles are listed for different races.

The basic AI is already done, it is already able to fast learn and attack bases, defend resources and the base, harvest resources. There is one resource, which will be harvested with harvester. This RTS game not going to be a fast click RTS, it will be more old style, build up the base, harvest, research and destroy the enemy with different strategies. The physical engine gives you visual and strategic improvements, driving up the hill slow down vehicles, fireing from higher ground improve the range.

RTS game in development. Todays RTS games are based on old technology models. Even larger companies do not dare to use modern technologies in todays RTS games. Due to this fact, RTS games wanishing from the market. In order, new technologies leads to new problems.

There are two approaches for physic based animations in todays RTS games. One is the old way where the physic is faked by animations, which has then mostly a poor quality. The another approach is the use of a physic engine, where the physic is calculated and must be mostly restricted in the game to avoid unwanted behaviors. The second one should be in todays RTS games, but it isn't the case, due to the high complexity, which the physic engine causes. Controlling units in a physic engine based world resembles the complexity of autonomous driving vehicles. The biggest difference is, that the real life car have much more performance and have to be secure (the physic engine cannot be restricted), and the RTS game has about e.g. max. 300 vehicles (multiplayer) and have to control them on one or probably more PCs, depends on server-client strategies, and must not be secure. In the best case, one player has to control 50-60 vehicles, and they must be able to move in group without a high CPU performance. Real autonomous driving vehicles use laser, infra red, radar, stereo camera to build up the 3D environment and to scan the environment. RTS game vehicles fortunately have the 3D environment, but have to scan the environment with raycast (the virtual laser).