Prefab Updater

Prefab Updater

Do you have bad experiences with prefabs after updating your 3D model? Do you keep instantiated models in scene instead in prefabs.

Available in Unity asset store: Prefab Updater

The Pefab Updater synchronizes the prefab with your changed 3D model. In this way you can use Unity prefabs in a really efficient way, you don't have the extremely time consuming overhead after changing your 3D model.

Full source code available.

Just right click on your prefab, click on "Update Prefab" and your prefab will be synchronized with your model.

Important: you get the best results, if the root node of the prefab and the root node of the 3D models have no mesh renderer.

What will be synchronized?

- meshes
- skinned meshes (skeleton/bones)
- weights
- order of bones in skinned meshes
- referenced bones
- materials
- names, position, rotation, scale

What will be recognized?

- recognizes hierarchy movements for bones and meshes
- recognizes new meshes, bones/skeletons
- recognizes removed meshes and bones

Is there more?

- prefab references can be relinked in already existing 3D models (FBX, blend, DAE)

I sacrificed time for this feature, because I'm an indie game developer and I cannot burn time for nonsense model/prefab synchronization. I continuously improve my 3D models, some of them needed a lot of time to be configured. Losing the preconfigured scripts, collider, particle effects, rigidbodies and more, after updating the model led me to do not use prefabs until the end of the game development. But now I need them because I have to instantiate the prefabs under the "Resource" directory.

Just the components in the videos are included, the robot and the building.