Indroid 1.4, and 1.5 released.

von Helmut Kleber

Indroid 1.4 and 1.5 released.

Update 4

- New abilities: One parasite droid special ability and speed boost.
- NPC's now drop power boxes.
- End boss fight: If no more droids are available on the map, then a droid will be spawned at the portal position.
- All weapon types drain now energy.
- Improved, sharper textures (mainly for the first 10 levels).
- The player droid has a better fire rate.
- Balanced gaming experience.
- Easier entry into the game.
- Reworked bosses.
- Reworked AI attack behavior.
- Skills balanced.
- Smaller bug fixes.

Update 5

- Some achievements have been shown repeatedly. This has been fixed.
- Perfect hacking achievment is now awarded correctly.
- Smaller bug fixes.