Earth date 3252. Man kind were distributed in space and it cames to a rare resource. This necessity lead to construct artifical droids, which worked on space station, mine stations, military stations and research stations without human control. But the droids were not efficient enough, they couldn't solve problems, they were not able to make decissions together and help each other. In earth date 3240 scientists developed a new artifical intelligence, which was able to learn very fast. After some tests, the new droids were able to work without any human support. They were able to repair each other, they made decissions and they also began to create a social hierarchy. From year to year the efficient of the droids rose and rose... Droid conrol stations are also controled by droids, where you are a security droid.
However, some weeks ago we lost conrol with some stations, take a ship and enter the station. Take necessary steps before the humans deactivate us all!


You are a parasite droid and have to take over droids to defeat hostile droids.

Play on 5 different worlds against 5 unique bosses on 50 levels.
Choose from four different parasite droids. Each of them has its own special advantages and disadvantages. Take over hostile droids and use their weapon systems to defeat another droids. The aim of the game is to defeat the five unique end bosses. Each level has its own portal protektor droid, which comes, when you couse too much trouble. The main aim is to defeat the last boss on each level.
At the time there are 50 game levels in this game and each level will be generated randomly. The randomly generated maps improve the replayability of this game.
The parasite droids can achieve level 80 and each level gives you an upgrade point. The upgrade points can be distributed in 18 different skills.

Hardware requirements: At least 1 GB RAM and Mali-400 MP2 or equivalent!

Enjoy this action-logic game!

Available for Android, IPhone and Windows.

Different droid types

There are different droid classes in this game: parasite, security, resolver, terminator, boss. Parasite droids are the player droids, they have the ability to overtake a droid. Security class are normal stength droids, most comon in this game. Resolver droids are stronger droids, available in different rooms. Terminator droids are the strongest casual class droids, they often carry two weapons and is the best choice to defeat the unique boss droids. Boss droids are unique droids, which comes at every 10th level, at the last level of the different worlds. These droids have much more higher attributes and up to six weapon systems.


Parasite droids:




Command droid (parasite)

Good for accomplishing every tasks.



War droid (parasite)

Exceptional weapon systems and speed.



Security droid (parasite)

Good defense abilities.



Research droid (parasite)

Exceptional hacking unit and good energy level.

Some security class droids:




Security droid XA95

Older security droid model with rare kinetic gun.



Security droid XA78

Light and fast droid with red pulse laser.



Security droid XD22

A general pupose droid with good speed and light pulse laser.



Bio hazard droid AANT

Biological blaster and overall good attributes makes this droid to a high quality general purpose droid.

Some resolver class droids:




Cleaner droid SU4UX

Heavy structure paired with high biological damage.



Cleaner droid BLO2

Strong droid, very effective at short range. Breaking the omerta will be revenged twice!

Some terminator class droids:




Sentry droid SEEU2

Dangerous electoro beam weapon system paired with valuable components makes this droid to a big threat!



Sentry droid R9

Armored with two heavy plasma cannons and good speed makes this droid to a real terminator.

Some unique boss droids:




Knight (Boss)

Defeats enemies with an exceptional laser beam, but it has its own weaknesses.



Grill (Boss)

This fortress is equiped with a flamethrower and two electro beam weapons. Grill is a slow turning droid, due to the heavy armored structure, but this is compensated with 360 degree rotating weapon systems.