Improved Road Material

Improved Road Material

This road material is a high quality road material, which blends in the terrain texture. The material is based on a custom shader, made in Shader Forge, and the road texture is made in Substance Designer. In the Substance Designer project are no textures externally linked to the project, it just contains noises, patterns, which are inside of this tool. That means, from my side it is fully procedural, but I don't know how the noises and pattern are built in Substance Designer. The shader and the Substance Designer 5 project is included in this asset, so you can make your changes, if you want.

Available in Unity asset store: Improved Road Material

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Important to know, L, T, X road segments has no center road separation line and side lines!

Configuring the road shader attributes and the Substance Designer material attributes can be time consuming, depends on, what you changes. Changing the road dirt textures to snow needs small changes, but changing the side dirt blending or changing the shader or the Substance Designer material can take much more time.

6 shaders available:

- shader noise based detailed (6 textures)
- shader noise based optimal (4 textures)
- shader noise based simple (2 textures)

- texture noise based detailed (7 textures)
- texture noise based optimal (5 textures)
- texture noise based simple (3 textures)

The best detailed, shader noise based, road shader contains 1 color texture, 2 dirt textures (on the side and on the entire road), 1 normal map, 1 side dirt normal map, 1 AO map. The lowest detailed road contains 1 color map and 1 dirt map, where the side dirt and the dirt on the road is the same texture. The optimal road shader have 1 color texture, 1 normal map, 2 dirt textures (on the side and on the road). The texture noise based shaders requires one additional texture for the noise (side noise).

I support X, L, T connections, but they are not the best looking ones. I recommend you to use a spline asset, one that is good for road creation on terrain, so the mesh adapts the terrain and the road and rotation stays stable. My lovely spline tool asset (SplineBlend) is depricaded and so it is not available in the asset store. If you have this spline tool, then you are lucky. I would recommend you to create the L connection with a spline tool instead using the built in variant.

How to adapt the road for your terrain?

I recommend you to use for dirt based road materials the most common terrain textures. After this you can set the road color and then you can set the side dirt blending blending strenght and color. To choose the right side dirt color was very time consuming for me. After this you can play around with another values (strenght of dirt and dirt opacity strenght from 4 different sides, and more), but then you have to synchronize the T, X, L connection too, and this takes time.

So at all, I didn't found any good looking road solutions in the asset store, not even for my upcoming strategy game, so I had have to do this one.

Just the road is included, not the car (Realistic Car Controller) and not the buildings (African Town)!

Enjoy the road!