Audio Controller

Activation Graph System

Available in Unity asset store: Audio Controller

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The audio controller is made for the purpose to support all audio domains for game development. It comes with a preconfigured audio controller, which covers the main domains in game development. The audio sources, the images are all created by myself and can be used without any copyright violations.


- Music controller
- Sound effect controller
- Ambient sound controller
- Audio filter manager
- Object pooling system
- Clock
- Timer manager
- Audio tester


- Cross fading
- Ducking
- Dynamic audio filter assignment
- Visual representation for ambient audio sources in the scene
- Pooling audio source based prefabs for fast instantiation and limiting instantiations
- Clock for pausing the audio controller and timer
- Ducking for all kind of controller
- Fading between audio clips
- Fade ducking
- Change attributes on controller level, play list level or for certain audio sources
- Looping for ambient sources and sound effect sources
- Disable ambient audio sources outside of the listener range
- Audio tester for fine tuning, testing how different sound are mixed together
- Unity mixer can be assigned to controller and must not be assigned to each audio sources separately