The battleship is for modern or futuristic purposes. The battleship is well optimized for its complexity. It is not a model of any existing battleships, it was created by different sources and lot of imaginings.

Available in Unity asset store: Battleship

The turrets, guns, cranes, beams, rotor, hatches pivot points are set for rotating these objects correctly. Guns, missile launcher and so on are parented to its turret. Chopper are not part of this asset! For the video and screenshots additional assets are used.
The model was created in Blender and has the following specs in Blender:

Verts: 40680
Faces: 33406
Tiris: 79306
Objects: 194 ***

*** 194 Objects can be optimized / joined, but for modular purposes they are separate objects. In this way you can configure in a limited way your own battleship.
Has 49 materials.
Supported 3D formats are:
.blend (zipped, .blend is not allowed for upload)
Textures are optimized for equal distance quality:
Big objects have (Buildings on ship): 2048kb
Normal size (Artillery turret): 1024kb
Smaller size (Small turret): 512kb
Small object (Small missile base): 256kb
Where textures make not so much sense: 128kb textures.

Blender is a free software, you can convert it in much more 3D formats and/or edit the mesh in Blender. Blender is also known, as one of the best mesh creator.