African Town

African Town

African town model.

Available in Unity asset store: African Town

Contains 44 different models. 17 buildings and 27 props. The buildings are hollow inside, but no stairs, no connection between floors inside the building. They are hollow for damage animation purposes. If you fracture the buildings then the hollow inside makes sense. No doors, no windows and no chimneys, these are african buildings. I'm using the models for a top down strategy game. If you want to use it for a first person game, then you have to improve the textures and the models, at least the connections between the floors.

All the model textures were painted in Substance Painter 1.7.3, and these files are also included in this asset.

The models have 100 - 5000 vertices, depends of the comlexity. The texture sizes are 256, 512 and 1024. You can change the textures up to 4096 in Substance Painter project file.

The video contains more assets, which are not included in this asset. Just the buildings and the props are included, not the car (Realistic Car Controller), not the road (Improved Road Material).