Activation Graph System

Activation Graph System

In the Activation Graph System you can build up a node system for e.g. mission system, research system, build system, crafting system and much more. It can serve also as a time line editor. All these different kind of nodes in the graphs can be connected with each other, e.g. you can connect a mission task with a research task. I developed this graph system for my mission flow, but it is so powerful, that I already use it for my tech tree and build tree. The Activation Graph System does not generate any code in the background, it instantiates GameObjects with a specific node script, that can be configured.

Available in Unity asset store: Activation Graph System

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Full source code available.

Open the Activation Graph System, create some tasks and conditions, connect them. Roughly, thats all.

Attention: If you update your version 1.2, then you will lost all the item values on the user conditions and containers. However, such changes shouldn't be happen in the future releases.


- No code generation! Nearly all the nodes are static GameObject's with a script on it. You can also edit the scripts in the inspector.
- Commented code. Documentation and API documentation is available.
- Node editor for missions, tech trees, build trees, skill trees and much more.
- Runtime debuging. The node editor switches in debug mode.
- UGUI dialog for the mission scene, tech tree scene, crafting scene, build tree scene.
- Provides a good overview through the node editor.
- Provides fast and simple changes.
- Very very low performance needed, nearly nothing.
- Thread based.
- Undo/Redo supported.
- Typewriter for UGUI.
- Probability for timer node and weighted probability for operator node (for outgoing edges)
- Generic TimerManager added.

Just the components in the videos are included.